Terms and conditions, Webshop

The products on the webshop are sold by the City of Porvoo 1061512-1 (hereinafter ‘the Seller’) (business ID). 

The Seller’s contact details

City of Porvoo

Service Point Compass

Rihkamatori B, 06100 Porvoo


1. User account and personal data

Ordering from the webshop does not require the creation of a user account. However, by creating a user account, you can place orders faster in the future and examine your order history. When a customer creates a user account, they are required to provide their email address, which serves as their user name, and set a password. The user name and password are personal. The customer is responsible for storing their user name and password and making sure that they are not disclosed to third parties. The customer is responsible for all use of their user name and password and for any costs and fees incurred as a result.

To use the webshop, the customer is required to provide the data necessary for using the service. The Seller has the right to process the customer’s personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and other relevant legislation. The customer’s data is stored in the customer filing system of the webshop. The Seller will not disclose the customer’s personal data to third parties for direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing purposes. The customer’s data will be deleted from the customer filing system once they are no longer needed.

2. Ordering

Products are ordered primarily via the internet at the address verkkokauppa.porvoo.fi using the shopping cart function. All orders are confirmed with an email message that specifies the price of the order and the ordered products. To receive an order confirmation, the customer is required to provide their email address when placing an order. When placing an order, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the webshop and any special terms and conditions associated with the ordered products that are valid at the time of placing the order.

3. Payment methods

Products are paid for when the order is placed. Online payments are carried out using a secure connection via the Suomi.fi Payments (PayTrail) service. The service includes the online payment services of Finnish banks, the Nets Oy card payment service (Visa and MasterCard), Pivo, Siirto and MobilePay. 

4. Prices and VAT

Orders placed on the webshop are priced in accordance with the prices displayed on the webshop at the time of placing the order. We reserve the right to make changes to the prices. All prices are displayed in euros (EUR). The product prices displayed on the webshop include the current value-added tax.

5. Delivery time and method

Products that are currently in stock will be dispatched within 3–5 business days of the order being registered in our system. Products are delivered either to the customer by post or to Service Point Compass for pick-up, as agreed. Electronic documents are delivered by email.

6. Refunds and exchanges

The customer has the right to return or exchange ordered products within 14 days in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. Products returned after 14 days from delivery will not be accepted. The product to be returned/exchanged and its original packaging must be in the same condition as when they were received. All costs resulting from a return/exchange will be borne by the returner, unless there is a clear error attributable to the supplier in the delivery. 

Product returns must always be agreed upon separately with the supplier. As such, customers are asked to always contact the supplier before returning a product.

7. Service maintenance, usability and errors

The Seller will do its best to ensure the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the webshop. The Seller has the right to suspend the webshop due to changes, updates or other technical reasons related to the webshop, due to the maintenance, installation or servicing of the communications network or other comparable reasons or if required to do so by law or other orders issued by the authorities. Every effort will be made to schedule downtime so that it will not unreasonably inconvenience customers.

The Seller wil not be held responsible for any errors resulting from the disruption of the telecommunications connections or other telecommunications-related services provided by third parties or from any errors in these services. Neither will the Seller be held responsible for any errors resulting from the customer using the webshop in a way that violates provided instructions or regulations or otherwise caused by the customer.

8. Data security

The webshop is secured using the SSL protocol. The customer is responsible for the appropriate data security of their own information systems. The Seller will store all data on or provided by the customer as confidential. The Seller shall organise the data security of its webshop in a generally acceptable and effective manner and implement appropriate technical solutions to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing its information systems.

9. Devices, software and connections

The customer is responsible for the procurement and functioning of and costs associated with the devices, software and network connections required to use the webshop. They must not disrupt or otherwise inconvenience the webshop or other users of the network.

10. Liability for damages

The Seller shall be held liable only for direct damage caused by its negligent breach of these terms and conditions. If an error can be proven to be attributable to the Seller, the customer may be compensated for any unduly charged costs to the customer on the webshop.

The Seller shall not be obliged to pay damages or other indirect or direct compensation or refunds resulting from the types of disruptions or errors mentioned in section 6 above.

11. Force majeure

The Seller is exempted from the obligations related to the webshop if a transaction related to the webshop is prevented or unreasonably hindered by force majeure. Force majeure includes fires, earthquakes, floods, explosions, strikes or other work stoppages, orders issued by the authorities, energy supply disruptions, shortages of raw materials or supplies, cable or other telecommunications disruptions caused by or attributable to third parties and other similar reasons that were not known beforehand and could not have been reasonably prepared for in advance. The Seller shall announce any force majeure situations on the webshop immediately after they arise, if doing so is possible.

12. Changing of these terms and conditions

The Seller has the right to change these terms and conditions of the webshop by announcing the changes on the webshop in good time before they enter into effect.

13. Dispute resolution

Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved primarily through mutual negotiations. If no agreement is reached in the negotiations, the matter shall be submitted to the district court in accordance with Finnish law.